Maximizes volume level in multible wav-files.
Usefull when making MP3 or CDs.
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For info on latest changes look in this textfile: Versions.txt

People on work : Tommi Prami, JJ Richard
Programmed with : Delphi 3.0

Open Source-Project
We are looking for "hackers" that are interested in developing this piece of software. we need persons that are Delphi (5 prefered) coders and somekind of testing and commenting grew (very important to have real users to have software that is interesting enoug). And if you are DSP guru that is not negative thing :=)

After we are done doing some groundwork and there is a program ready for Beta release, then we will OpenSource the project and let everybody to do what ever thay want with the code.

Why we are planning such a thing ?.

1. Current code is not "good" enough. It relyes Windows libraries just too much.
2. Current architecture does not "support" adding new features. (it is juts coded to do it's stuff).
3. There are user comments for such features that needs lotst of mind work and testing so our limited free time is just not enough.
4. And lots small things that are not so important.

And what we are planning ?

I (Tommi) have a something done ground work and ideas ready

1. Multiformat audiofile reader object framework.
2. Completely new and more flexible GUI
3. Maybe some plugin system
4. To code it pure Object Pascal (for Kylix point of wiev)
5. Some "DSP" features? Compressor/Limitter, Noisereduction, Equalize channel levels... and all this (if just possible) without losing original batch process idea.
6. And if you have idea and it works we do it...

We hope that we can build a community for this project and release it free and OpenSource...

Best regards,

The LinearTeam.

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WinISD Pro
Wav Normalizer
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